Letters to Elliot: August 10, 2016

Hey Sweet Pea! 

I hope the world is treating you as wonderful as you are! As I sit here with you and bubba I feel like it’s time to start writing again. 

There’s a nice gap in between letters recently, but as you know, life happens. Mom switching jobs, going back to school, dad working on his art and getting into the programming world, you potty training!? Let’s talk about that for a second! 

Jeez kid you are a handful. Since you were born I dreaded the day when would start potty training. Like most things parenting related, your mother trumps me every time. So when she’s around it’s mostly successful. Not so much when it’s Dad Solo. The first day we went through about 10 pairs of undies and the house smelt like… well I’m sure you can imagine. When day three hit we were rocking and rolling. 

I never would’ve thought in a million years that potty training would be so full of emotions. Ups and downs. Cries and laughter. Fear and joy. It’s definitely need an amazing experience. You’re a pro. 

Now I dread potty training your monster of a brother. I know I know, you probably think I’m lame, but I think you’re a rock star. Keep it up kid! 

Love, Dad.

Sad Day. 

Today was the last visit from one of Elliot’s VI teachers, Sharon. We’re glad she’s getting to retire and enjoy time with her family, but it has been weighing heavy on our hearts and minds. We knew the time was coming, and she only had a few more months to work with her before school starts, but it was sad all the same. 

She’s impacted Elliot and our family in so many ways. Sharon came into our lives at a time where we didn’t know how to handle the news of Elliot being blind. All the emotions and uncertainty was a lot to bear. From the first time we met she had such a calm and caring demeanor. It really helped us become stronger for our little darling. 

There’s no way to repay her for all her help and guidance. We only hope that we never lose touch and one day Elliot will be able to show her how much she’s helped. 

Well enough of the sappiness! Hope everyone is having a great day!