Letters to Fitz: August 17, 2016. 


Hello my friend! 

You are the absolute worst and I love it. I never knew having a son would be so fun. You’re sister has been the absolute best baby, but you are definitely the funny one. 

I’m writing you today because I bought you you’re first toy. Now don’t get me wrong. We’ve bought you toys in the past, but Elliot has called dibs on mostly every toy that comes home. I’ve been waiting to buy action figures and toys for you since I found out we were having a boy. You’re currently obsessed with this show, “Jake & the Neverland Pirates”. I guess it’s an older show because we’ve been looking all over for toys and we haven’t found anything. 

One day we randomly stumbled upon a set of pirate gear from the show and snatched it up quick. You’ve been so excited about it and so have I. One of the feelings I’ve been looking forward to. I’m excited for more days like today. 

I know you think I’m lame, but I’m pretty sure you are too. 

Stay wild. I love you.


Sad Day. 

Today was the last visit from one of Elliot’s VI teachers, Sharon. We’re glad she’s getting to retire and enjoy time with her family, but it has been weighing heavy on our hearts and minds. We knew the time was coming, and she only had a few more months to work with her before school starts, but it was sad all the same. 

She’s impacted Elliot and our family in so many ways. Sharon came into our lives at a time where we didn’t know how to handle the news of Elliot being blind. All the emotions and uncertainty was a lot to bear. From the first time we met she had such a calm and caring demeanor. It really helped us become stronger for our little darling. 

There’s no way to repay her for all her help and guidance. We only hope that we never lose touch and one day Elliot will be able to show her how much she’s helped. 

Well enough of the sappiness! Hope everyone is having a great day! 



Well today is the last day of camp and we’ll all be heading home soon. This week we’ve been at a camp for special needs children put on by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services. Experience E.X.C.E.L.S (Expanded Core Education in Living Skills) is a camp for young blind and visually impaired children and their families as well as children of any age and their families who have multiple disabilities one of which is blindness/visual impairment.
 I can’t help but sit here and think about my week, and the weeks to come. This has been such a moving experience for me and my little family. We’ve had our ups and downs when learning about our daughters visual impairment, and this week stirred up all kinds of emotions. No I don’t mean we were sad the entire trip, but telling our story again after not talking about it for a while definitely made me drift off for a moment or two. Then I look and play with her, and like always all my worries wash away. 
The main impact this week wasn’t even from my family, but from watching and interacting with some of the other families. Seeing the strength, love, and support from the families around me brought joy to my heart and inspired me like never before. I practically sat in admiration the entire week. Some families with situations far more unique than Elliot’s were some of the most optimistic people we have ever met. I’ve been motivated to stay positive and dive head first into this community of support to learn as much as I can. In turn teaching Elliot as much as I can. 
We’ve had a truly blessed week. We can’t thank the families and staff for all the support and love we’ve gotten. As well as her ladies back home that come out every week to help our daughter hit her milestones. We also can’t begin to thank our families and friends back home for being there from square one. You all are a gift from above and we could not do it without you. 

The Do’s & Don’ts of Fathers Day!

Things your dad doesn’t want.

1) Skinny Jeans

2) Another tie

3) Thrift shop ironic t-shirts

4) A free copy of Vice Magazine where you were featured in the “Don’ts” section

5) Skrillix – or any dubstep for that matter because it all sounds like transformers having sex

6) The deodorant you don’t use

7) Velocity rims for his bike

8) Your “art.” He pays for your liberal arts degree, don’t rub it in his face

9) Handmade Jorts

10) Free coffee from the coffee shop you work at

Things your dad does want.

1) You start paying your own rent

2) Give him back his SLR film camera

3) Give him back his bike

4) Admit he’s way more badass than you’ll ever be.