Letters to Fitz: August 17, 2016. 


Hello my friend! 

You are the absolute worst and I love it. I never knew having a son would be so fun. You’re sister has been the absolute best baby, but you are definitely the funny one. 

I’m writing you today because I bought you you’re first toy. Now don’t get me wrong. We’ve bought you toys in the past, but Elliot has called dibs on mostly every toy that comes home. I’ve been waiting to buy action figures and toys for you since I found out we were having a boy. You’re currently obsessed with this show, “Jake & the Neverland Pirates”. I guess it’s an older show because we’ve been looking all over for toys and we haven’t found anything. 

One day we randomly stumbled upon a set of pirate gear from the show and snatched it up quick. You’ve been so excited about it and so have I. One of the feelings I’ve been looking forward to. I’m excited for more days like today. 

I know you think I’m lame, but I’m pretty sure you are too. 

Stay wild. I love you.


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