Dadvice: New Dads. Have the Night Off.

Give each other the occasional complete night off from feeding, so you get turns at going to bed early and sleeping through all night. Remember always, team work makes the dream work. 


Dadvice: New Dads. Get it where you can.

Grab rest and sleep when it’s available. If the baby is asleep, the two of you can have a lie down too. The dishes can get done some other time. Make sure this only happens at home. You don’t want to get caught snoring in a meeting or in the middle of traffic. 

Dadvice: New Dads. Lay off the Booze. 

As I mentioned last week, lay off the booze for a while. You might think that third glass of wine will help you sleep, but you’ll think differently when you get woken up at two in the morning. Newborns and hangovers are not friends. Trust me. 

Dadvice: New Dads. Relax.

Try to relax before bedtime. You’ll never get to sleep if you’re stressed, lying waiting for the baby to wake up. Don’t worry, if it wakes up, you’ll hear it. Have a warm shower and a warm drink (microwaving whisky doesn’t count).