Dadvice: New Dads. Get a Routine.

Try to get into a routine as quickly as possible. Human beings are creatures of habit and if we do something regularly our bodies soon get used to it and the lack of sleep will become more bearable.


Dadvice: New Dads. Go to bed early.

You’ll be so tired this won’t be a problem. You want to watch another episode of The Walking Dead? What do you think DVR’s and Netflix were invented for? Besides, chances are you’ve seen that one before.


Dear Sweet Pea, 

I can’t believe it’s our first Valentine’s Day as an old married couple. I wanted to write you a love letter. I know it’s corny, but I thought I’d try anyway.

I love you. Since you came into my life , I’ve looked forward to each and every day.  The early mornings with you and the kids kicking me out of the bed, all the times we sit around for hours just enjoying each other’s company, talking about the most random things. I like the person I am when I’m with you. You bring out a part of me that I never knew existed. 

I think about the time before you were a part of my life. I remember being aimlessly drifting from one place to another. Along came you and from that day forth everything changed. You have given me so much that I can never pay you back. I know that I can only spend my lifetime loving you and the kids and making you guys feel safe and secure. I know that you are that once in a lifetime gift that is bestowed upon lucky ones. I’m just trying to figure out how I got so lucky. 

 So yes, I love you. For all these examples I’ve mentioned and so much more.You mean the world to me. I love you for being yourself, and I love you because of the person you made me. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

From your husband with love,


Dadvice: New Dad. Share the Feeding.

Mom might be breastfeeding, but she can express milk and store it in the fridge so there are no excuses for you not taking your turn with the occasional 4am feed. Yes, that’s right, 4am! Or if Mom’s doing the 4am feed you can do the midnight feed to let her go to bed early and get some rest.

Letters to Elliot: February 6, 2016

Hey Princess, 

I hope you’re having a great day. I often think about what kind of woman you’ll be when you read these. Thousands of possible stories fill my head during daily day dreams. One thing I do know is the person reading these is amazing and she has a dad that is crazy about her. 

Today has been a weird day for me. Now it’s not manly and you probably think your dad is the toughest guy in the world (we both know you don’t think that), but today I found myself with tears rolling down my face. This week an old friend of mine found out that one of her twins is blind. His diagnosis was similar to yours, so mom and I could relate on so many levels. Hopefully soon we’ll all get together and you’ll do your thing. You are a ray of sunshine. Hopefully when they see you and how you are, they will get a little glimpse of what’s in store. You’re a lot of fun and at the same time annoyingly independent. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Getting a little bit of both of your parents stubbornness has done you some good.

 I’m not saying that it won’t be a roller coaster of emotions at first, but watching you grow up has been one of the single best parts of my life. I will continue to be amazed as you continue to grow and progress. I know you’ll be an inspiration to this family and many more without you even knowing it. I know you think I’m lame, but I think you’re amazing. 

Love, Dad.

Dadvice: New Dads. Survive Without Sleep.

Babies have no sense of time. In fact, for being awake and asleep at all the wrong times they give hamsters a run for their money. The first couple of months of having a baby in the house are stressful enough, and it doesn’t help if neither of you has slept properly in days. No one can survive on no sleep, not even Batman, but there are things you can do so that each of you gets as much kick as you can.