Letters to Elliot: Janurary 27, 2016

Hey there Elliot Marie, 

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve written you! I definitely intend to change that this year. So many things have happened since I lost wrote. We had a great Halloween where you and your brother dressed up as little red riding hood and the little bad wolf. We had an awesome thanksgiving where we luckily got to see most of our family. Christmas was the best! Well besides the fact that we had to be up early and you wake up the same way your mother does… not happy. New Years was a lot of fun. We had a bunch of your cousins over and we counted down as the ball dropped. Life has been an adventure for sure. 

You have grown into quite the comedian. Granted you try to do and say all the things I do and say. Which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but we’re both working on it. You’re talking so much now though which is amazing. Even if you’ve traveled into the realm of the terrible twos. Which you have. No matter how rough my day is, as soon as I hit the door and hear you gabbing on and calling out for me, all my troubles melt away. 

Nothing makes me happier than to watch you with your brother. When he was first born you weren’t too fond of him. Maybe you just didn’t know what think about him. Now you are all about it. He probably thinks you like him too much. Mom and I love to watch you squeeze him with that big gorgeous smile of yours while he screams bloody murder. It’s the little moments with you three that make my life so sweet. 

I know you’re probably a busy lady, so I won’t take up anymore of your time. Remember to always stay positive. Remember that I love you. I know you think I’m lame, but I’m your dad and I’m allowed to be.

Love, Dad.