Letters to Elliot: August 25, 2015

Hey Sunshine, 

Your dear old dad is having one of those days. Nothing seems to be going right. Days like today I wish you could talk already so we could just go for a walk and talk it out. Shoot most of the time I wish you could talk already because I’m excited for all the strange and funny conversations we are going to have. 

I’m not writing oh to complain about all the negative things, but because writing you seems like my only moments of clarity. Even as more sentences go by I feel myself becoming more positive and in a better mood. That’s for that. Helping me out when don’t even realize it. 

I hope you’re having a great day when you read this. I supposed to be leaving you all kinds of life wisdom for you to look back on and use so remember, compare every single boy you ever meet to your daddy. Nobody will love you like he does. I know you’ll think I’m lame but thanks for always being there for me. 

Love Dad.

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