The Do’s & Don’ts of Fathers Day!

Things your dad doesn’t want.

1) Skinny Jeans

2) Another tie

3) Thrift shop ironic t-shirts

4) A free copy of Vice Magazine where you were featured in the “Don’ts” section

5) Skrillix – or any dubstep for that matter because it all sounds like transformers having sex

6) The deodorant you don’t use

7) Velocity rims for his bike

8) Your “art.” He pays for your liberal arts degree, don’t rub it in his face

9) Handmade Jorts

10) Free coffee from the coffee shop you work at

Things your dad does want.

1) You start paying your own rent

2) Give him back his SLR film camera

3) Give him back his bike

4) Admit he’s way more badass than you’ll ever be.

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