Dadvice: Appreciation.

Hey all, 

Today was moms first day back at work and my first day manning the children alone. 

Yeah scary stuff. 

You never know how much you’ll miss someone until they are gone. I appreciate my love, but I can’t say that I tell her enough. I would love to sit here and tell you all that the kids were a breeze. That I was dancing around the house singing like a prince from a Disney movie. That wasn’t quite the case. Mom will return home any minute now and she will see all of us completely distraught and the house hanging on by a thread. 

Which leads me to my first Dadvice post. Mom will come home after a long day of work and whip the house into shape. Not because it’s her “job” to, but because that’s just what she does. We all flow so much easier with her home. If I’m the leader of the pack then she is the heart and soul. 

I once was the type of dad that looked for praise for doing simple things around the house. Dishes, the trash, changing a diaper or two. All the while not even noticing mom doing triple the work with no acknowledgement on top of getting up every two hours to feed the newest edition to our family. How could I be so unaware and selfish? By not taking the time to look at my family dynamic. I’m working on it everyday and maybe one day I’ll get it down perfectly.

Dads, find away to show the mother of your children that you appreciate them. Let them know you can’t do it without them even if you’re convinced you you can. As a new dad I’ll admit I’m a work in progress. Progress is the key. Till next time everyone.

-the lame dad.

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